EPS is a new concept of architectural interior and exterior material coated with fire resistive covering material.

High insulation and thermokeeping ability : It has excellent thermal insulation performance with low thermal conductivity while saving energy consumption.

Light weight and ease of use: It is light in weight, strong and easy to cut, so it has excellent handling and construction.

Enhanced flame retardancy and water resistance: It protects against fire by improving flame retardancy and water resistance to prevent fire spreading.

Eco-friendly: It protects the environment with eco-friendly materials which is harmless to human body.

Excellent flame retardancy (semi-non-combustible material, flame resisting certificate obtained)

Excellent durability against moisture, low absorption rate.

It is the most universal insulation, economical and excellent in thermal insulation.

It has excellent strength and durability and is easy to handle. There is no change in insulation performance over time.

  • Manufacturing Company: EBADA VINA



Product Description